Beautiful weather last few days after muggy patch. Noticeable how sleepy everyone gets in the summer on the hot days without any sunlight, especially seeing as we’re normally spoilt for the latter. Sunglasses now on for the Sunday run and a new level of pleasure upon rehydrating with fruit juice at the end of it. Decided to get the bus home so that I could make the most of the blue skies. There’s a photo below from the bus of a clear area beside the door staying don’t stand here (and signs on the sides saying not to lean on the door for support) that nearly always get ignored. Every year a feel like my IQ drops by about 20 coming into summer, about 10 of which I get back when my body acclimatises, my genes just aren’t made for the heat! Arthur has taken to playing with the air-con remote at night and normally end up readjusting it without waking up, as such managed to give Zhouzhou a headache by turning the bedroom into a freezer, I slept pretty well though!

Graduation in the week just passed. Students clearing out their lockers, lots of hugs, handshaking and photos. Another key signpost that the end of term is less than a few weeks away.

After bearing an unsettled stomach for the last couple of weeks Nana had been in the hospital for an endoscopy. As I’ve mentioned previously, she had stomach cancer before and had to have a bit of her stomach snipped out. Apparently she would normally had to have waited a month to get it checked but thanks to a friend in the apartment complex she managed to get in sooner. Of course her friend emphasised that she should “properly thank” the doctor. I’ve said enough about Beijing hospitals before so I’ll elaborate no further..

Zhouzhou brought Arthur and one his pals Duoer (pronounced a bit like doh-er) along when she went to get new glasses (Arthur has taken to de-legging any glasses left within reach levels). The owner of the shop, who Zhouzhou knows kindly gifted a pair of sunglasses for Arthur and Duoer as seen below. Looking rather like they’ve just come out of an all-night pilled rave. There was a good deal on Durian in bulk (8kg) so bought a crate and spent yesterday morning dissecting and wrapping up for the freezer. Awesome summer desert, with super creamy consistency and a rich off-vanilla flavour.

Living in Beijing. Everyday trivialities, trivial thoughts.