School potentially starting up at the end of the month, but if it does it will be staggered by year group with the Grade 12 (Upper Sixth) students coming in first and then rest in the following weeks. Shanghai has already announced school starting on the week April 27th: makes sense with the May day holiday at the end so a good chance to “put one’s toes in the water” with a 3 day buffer at the end. A lot of talk about “white racism” in Beijing with most of the coronavirus cases in China coming from abroad now, but to be honest I’ve not seen any of it. From what I’ve seen, a lot of what is perceived as prejudice is just down to communication issues (and hence inability to follow instructions) with foreigners who haven’t got a hold of the language of the country they are living in and quite often express frustration where patience is needed (ahh, the ethereal wisdom of being able to listen to one’s own advice).

Buses and the like still have up messages about social distancing, but I see little evidence of people taking heed (beyond everyone still wearing masks) as you will see of my photo from the bus yesterday below. Note, nearly all the seats behind me were empty, so it could have been observed.

Saturday morning bus

Beijing almost too warm today for me with temperatures above 25C, but still the majority of folks with long coats and heavy jackets on (we’re not out of April, so it can’t be hot). Absolutely bonkers. Nana was stopped by a elderly man in our building the other day completely confuddled as to why Arthur didn’t have long trousers on, remarking that he couldn’t understand what he was seeing (this was done in a sarky fashion essentially implying that Zhouzhou’s mum didn’t know how to look after a toddler). Headed out for a trip to our local wholesaler, and enjoyed the challenge of hoisting Arthur and the rice.

Arthur has learnt a new trick, he can now successfully pivot himself out of his cot onto the bed (no mean feat given his size). This was discovered when I awoke to wailing shadow lurching over me in the middle of night. I do hope is acrobatics will not become a nightly occurrence.

Quite enjoying filming videos for the students and working out how best to get physics and maths things on camera (especially since I’m doing waves with the younger students). Was up using the art department’s dark room this week to try and get some nice images of diffraction patterns but alas my camera was not quite up to the task. Various flowers on campus opening and withering in succession in a chorus of colour and scents; makes the walks to and from the office a delight.

lovely contrast in the hardness of colours
Young’s double slits

Living in Beijing. Everyday trivialities, trivial thoughts.