The Certainty of Uncertainty

Summer plans still nebulous, Beijing is semi cut-off from the rest of the country. People who live in or have been to medium-high risk areas aren’t allowed out of the city and everyone else needs proof of nucleic testing within 7 days of their travelling date. The problem being that lots of sites for testing are booked up and if the results are negative they regularly don’t send them out for around 5 days giving one a very narrow window with bookings. As such Nana’s train ticket out of Beijing has had to be cancelled while we wait and see how the wind blows. Beijing currently sitting on just under 20 cases a day and the trend is promising, but the problem is the number will only go down incrementally, but could go up rapidly if there are any other outbreaks. There have been a couple of news stories in the last few days of a delivery driver who’s tested positive (and had been doing 50+ deliveries a day) and someone working in the kitchen of a restaurant, either of which could explode into a plethora of new cases. The government has put in restrictions on the regulations that can be put in place by other provinces regarding prohibiting travel of Beijingers, but for example Zhouzhou’s brother’s work has told him if he comes in contact with anyone from Beijing he must inform the office and go for Nucleic testing.

Was wiped out on Saturday night by a headache, something which for nearly the last year has become a roughly monthly occurrence. Starts fermenting slowly at lunch time before erupting into debilitating pain behind the eye and on one side of the head early evening. Little appetite and headed to bed just before 7, after finally giving in and taking 2 ibuprofen for the first time in years. Ended up much more tolerable than the previous few times (were I was willing myself out of existence), but the long term trend is still mildly disconcerting! (Keeping track of when they happen/ dietary & mood circumstances/air pollution in their vicinity, I also had a health check-up in September and nothing showed up, but still..). Nana still thinks its because I’ve had too much cold air blowing at me from the AC: thanks.

Waxberries in season; well, at the end of their short season. Grown down in the south of the country, they steep them in liquor (baijiu) which is actually pretty scrummy. The used to sell them by the road out in the countryside in Wuxi (in Beijing the big roadside fruit is peaches). They don’t have any peel though, so you need to leave them in saline to evict any potential tenants (thankfully there seemingly weren’t any bugs in the batch that I bought).

Elsewise currently trying to begin contemplating some kind of structure for my summer holidays (of course including fam & chill-out time!) when the usual external strictures abate, and time is no longer in pre-defined chunks but amorphous swaths. In previous years it seems to take about 2 weeks of dossing before sufficient levels of guilt kick in to think seriously about how I spend my time.