Might as well get started

Monday morning. Woke up just after 03:30 with the intention of getting back to sleep but found that my brain had started booting for the day, so rather than fretting over the fact that I’m lying in bed not sleeping I thought it would make more sense to get up and write the post that I didn’t get time to yesterday (was busy writing recommendation letters amongst other things).

Autumn has lost its notes of summer as we head into deep Fall, the walk up to school in the morning is saturated with colour and the coolness of morning is still hasn’t quite verged into nippy (for me at least, many of my colleagues from more temperate climates like the southern states of the US have been complaining for at least the last fortnight). A new park has opened up just outside the school which makes a huge improvement on my previous lunchtime highway curb leg-stretching. Huge quiet space and they’ve even got a couple of basketball courts and a splattering of outdoor pingpong tables.

Arthur out with Zhouzhou and her friend at one of the ubiquitous kiddy play-centres in a nearby megamall. Zhouzhou’s friend had a coupon gave both a discount and allowed her to bring a friend, otherwise it would have been 300yuan (34quid) a pop. Was at a friend’s house for a kiddy orientated Halloween party on Friday too, Arthur still initially shy in the new more bustling environment, but warmed up after 10minutes or so ripping biscuits and sweets out of the hands of others.. Thankfully though, he finally seems to have come round to that idea of sharing, and after stuffing his own gub, is proactive in feeding some remaining crumbs to others. He also seems to thoroughly enjoy the lamb curry (thanks for the recipe Dad) I made on Saturday, utilising his two new skills of spoon shovelling and drinking from the bowl (previously the movements had been there but most the food ended up on his lap or the ground).

Helping a colleague at work last week with computer issues and started thinking about what tech Arthur might get frustrated with me over in the future. He already shows an uncanny ability to swap screens and close apps on my ipad that I seem incapable of emulating. I hope (despite that data on other humans suggests otherwise), that I can maintain sufficient curiosity to not fall too far behind the curve when when we’re all using VR glasses and using brain-waves to operate our computers (I suppose at that point they probably won’t even be classified as computers but just prosthetic neural enhancements).

Couldn’t help but notice wording in the Chinese media yesterday when reporting on the reinstated lockdown in England, England being referred to as the “Region of England” (sometimes also translated as prefecture or district). The intention I assume being to not allow the public any ambiguity or flexibility regarding notions of country-hood, irrespective of the unique situations in different parts of the world.

Coming up to 05:30, time to pack my lunch and head to the subway.

Living in Beijing. Everyday trivialities, trivial thoughts.