Finally announced that students will be back in the building as of the first week of June. Will be interesting to see how this plays out with around half of the foreign teaching staff not in the country. Doesn’t seem like one can just expect folks who are in Beijing to just deal with with it.. But then again some of the management at the school had already suggested simply keeping teachers on in school during the summer holidays to help the students who fell behind during the online learning period. Thankfully the HR dept suggested that this might not be inline with contracts. The Chinese staff are often kept on at school well into holidays (both summer and CNY) with no clear holiday dates given in advance, so I suppose I should be grateful..

Arthur trotting around enthusiastically without much consideration of obstacles/ objects that might trip him up. I think Zhouzhou got a little overexcited on the footwear front, as you will seen from the recent addition to the ornamentation in our apartment below! Arthur seemed to have a sore tummy today, so Nana decided he had a bacterial infection and therefore burnt a lot of mugwort to cleanse the house (as well as smearing some on his bellybutton), I only was aware of this after nearly choking in our living-room; I suppose not everything can be progress!

Below is a picture of one of the greatest fiends on the roads in Beijing, I think it’s supposed to me a mobility vehicle, but they get used as a substitute for cars with the upshot that they can fit into narrow cycle lanes that are blocked off with railings too. This picture was taken after I saw the owner getting out with his son and a couple of fishing rods to go to the park (just behind my back in the photo), completely obstructing the cycle lane at rush-hour. When I asked if this was a safe place to park, he reassured me he was only going to the park for a short while and would then be move on, well of course that’s fine then.

Pleasant domesticated Sunday morning, with freshly made lentil and carrot soup to go with bread just out of the oven. If I hadn’t had to work for 3 hours this afternoon it would almost have been a perfect day!

Living in Beijing. Everyday trivialities, trivial thoughts.