Ipad locked me out of my email as of Tuesday, with various other accounts and most apps refusing to open. After further issues, attempted a reformat yesterday but hasn’t solved the problem, so booked in with the “experts” at the apple store again. Amused by the fact I have to supply my passport number, supply details of my device and can only go in at a specific time; more complicated that a hospital visit (but probably fewer backhanders involved).

Arthur had a delightful 2nd birthday on Thursday with fizzy grape juice and ice-cream cake. Somewhat confused and concerned when we lit the candles and turned the lights off, but in fairness would seem like some kind of cult ritual to an alien, especially with all the synchronised chanting.

Slight domestic tiff on Friday night (not involving me!) so I brought Arthur out for a breakfast adventure on Saturday morning to give some more room in the apartment. Arthur much more obliging to wearing his mask on the subway and bus now which is great from the point of view of having fewer reminders from concerned strangers.

Started making kara-age (with I could less poncily refer to as Japanese KFC, main differences being the pre-fry marinade and potato starch as the batter). I even bought a food-thermometer to try and get optimal moisture but quickly realised still just easier to cut a piece open and look. Need to find another use for the thermometer so I feel less silly for buying it.. Looks like it might be our dish of the summer, easy to get out and an excellent theme-dish for salad accompaniments. Meanwhile my sourdough starter seems to be the only one enjoying the summer heat, with best fermentation I’ve had since last year!

Living in Beijing. Everyday trivialities, trivial thoughts.